Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Textile Artist this week - Tracy Evans

We are so delighted that Tracy Evans has joined our illustrious group of artists. Tracy is a textile designer and maker who uses traditional hand weaving techniques to create high quality hand crafted products from a mix of natural fibres such as lambswool, silk and cotton. The purse below is hand woven using a honeycomb structure which gives the small squares a three dimensional appearance. It has a zip fastening and is lined with plain navy blue silk.

This beautiful handwoven purse is a bargain for £12 with free postage!

Each piece is individually crafted and made in limited numbers appealing to a contemporary market looking for something a little different to what you can buy on the high street. Tracy is inspired by her seaside surroundings. The sand rippled stripes in the cushion below are caused by shrinkage of the wool during the laundering process which creates a felting effect.

Weave structures combined with a clever use of yarn proportioning and finishing processes create pieces which are tactile with a three dimensional quality. The corsage on the cushion is removable and can be worn on an outfit.

Tracy also makes beautiful hand woven journal and notebook covers that are easily removable so when the book is used a new one can be slipped in to its place.

Finally, in her spare time, Tracy likes to do a bit of ceramic work. She makes these attractive porcelain buttons. Each one is hand cut, hand glazed and fired.

There are many more to choose from on cherrypickedforyou  as Tracy's buttons come in sets of three and individual designs.

Have a great weekend.

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