Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Artist - Katrine Boyten

In my last blog I set myself the task of recruiting one artist each week to my website: Last week Katrine Boyten joined our illustrious group. She is a textile artist living in Brighton and mostly works in wall art but also enjoys making smaller pieces. To this end she has created a beautiful range of individually made cards. They really are works of art in their own right and could be framed. Each card has been lovingly made: calico has been painted and stencilled, then motifs have been stitched on and then further machine embroidery has been added. Finally the pieces have been hand stretched and fitted into the apeture of each card. An absolute bargain at £3each. The first set of five got sold immediately and she is now busy working on another set to meet the demand.

Helen Martino, a ceramics artist on the website, has increased her range of quirky pieces. The kiss pots are great for holding flowers as their diameter is narrow.

I have several artists waiting in the wings to come onto the website but as Christmas is looming I and they will be taking a bit of a break - although the website will be fully functioning of course - so watch this space next year where you will see much more talent appear.

Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.