Monday, 27 June 2011

New Ceramic Artist this week is Annette Bugansky

Annette Bugansky is a British Ceramic Designer who graduated from Central Saint Martin's in London in 2005 with an MA in Ceramic Design. In 2009 Annette won Best Contribution to the Show at Origin, awarded by Crafts Magazine. 

We are really excited to have Annette on board as we just love her handmade porcelain cups that can also double up as a vase. Freesias or other small flowers look lovely in them. They are available in five patterns, Aran, Cable, Chain, Rope and Twist and they are fired to 1280 degrees centrigrade which makes them totally watertight.

Aran Patterned Cup/Vase by Annette Bugansky

Annette also makes the most gorgeous Porcelain Tea Lights. When lit the Tea Light emits a warm amber glow that highlights the rich surface of the knit textured pattern. Available in two patterns: diamond and rib. The natural matt finish of the porcelain is complimented with a glossy glaze inside.

Diamond Patterned Porcelain Tea Light 

Finally, Annette produces these gorgeous set of three Heart Decorations which make a lovely gift for someone special or as a treat for yourself and your home. Each heart features a slightly different texture pattern and is embellished with a heart shaped jewel making them special and unique.  Made of the finest porelain and glazed on the front they hang on a 3mm red satin ribbon.
Use them to decorate your home all year round. I have my set on some twigs in the kitchen. Especially lovely for Valentine's Day or equally gorgeous hangng from the Christmas Tree.

Monday, 20 June 2011

New Ceramic Artist this week is Kathy Laird

I have been trying to get Kathy to join my illustrious group of artists for ages. In fact, I set up with her in mind! I have been buying her beautiful garden pots and ceramic pictures for a few years and when I had the idea of opening an online showcase for designer led handmade products she was one of the first people I thought of. I didn't realise at the time how difficult it would be to get her to be part of my website. To be fair, Kathy is a very busy person. She is not only a ceramicist but also a landscape garden designer - which is very apparent in her work! Now she happily manages to find the time for both her garden work and the ceramic studio she works out of in Brighton. You can see from her ceramic landscapes the gardening influence.

We now have a lovely range of Landscape pictures by Kathy which would make a great gift for someone special in your life or as a treat for yourself and your home. Simply click under Artists and scroll down the Ceramic Artists to get to Kathy Laird to see the full range of landscape pictures we are able to offer.

Kathy also makes gorgeous pots that are frost free which means they can be left out in the garden, or attached to a garden wall (there are very useful holes in the back to place them on a wall) all year round even when it is icy cold and snowing! She also makes adorable jugs. Both the jugs and the pots are hopefully coming soon. So watch this space....


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New Jewellery Artist this week is Michele Rosaus

Michele Rosaus works from her Brighton based studio, Lostwerks, where she specialises in hand made, limited or one-off necklaces, earrings and bracelets in gemstones and sterling silver.

Turquoise Button Necklace £58
This beautiful turquoise button necklace is created from natural green/blue turquoise overlapping beads and is finished off with a sterling silver toggle. A beautiful and flattering colour against the skin and a great choice for the summer.

Blue-Lace Agate & Leaf Charm Bracelet £45
Inspired by the summer skies, this sterling silver and bead bracelet is made from 16mm faceted Blue Lace Agate stones and cream and pewter coloured Swarovski crystal pearls. It is finished with a large Sterling Silver Leaf, cluster and ring charm.

Michele's beautiful handcrafted jewellery is created from unusual and often uniquely cut semi-precious stones, which are chosen for their very flattering colours and hues and for the way they catch and reflect light. This often means that each piece is individual to the wearer. Michele's jewellery is influenced by long lost skills, vintage traditions and imagery. However, Michele imbues each piece with its own contemporary flair and a modern and often sculptural twist. All Michele's jewellery is carefully designed in length and shape to be very wearable and complimentary to the human form.

To view all Michele's work, click Artists, Jewellery and then on her name. Or use the media bar and look under earrings, necklaces and bracelets.