Friday, 28 January 2011

New Artist of the Week.

As promised every week we will include a new artist onto our website. This week we are very excited to introduce Alison Ogden who produces charmingly decorated high qualilty porcelain which is both functional and gorgeous. Hand manipulated cast pieces are decorated with a variety of techniques including applied sprigs, resist, slip trailing and underglaze painting. All Alison's work is high fired and finished with a wonderfullly durable craze free glaze making them both practical - dishwasher and microwave safe - and a pleasure to use.

Drawings in clay - a fascination with the details of life inspires the decoration on this work. Each piece is individually made and hand painted. And on top of all that Alison's ceramics are very reasonably priced.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Artist - One Off Bags

The New Artist to join our illustrious group this week is Chrissy Smith who makes one off bags. All Chrissy's bags are made from Vintage, Retro and Recycled materials. Hand and machine stitching is used to assemble them and they all have magnetic opening and closing clasps. These beautiful bags are fully lined with complemetary material and they often sport a leather handle for durabilitiy.  Chrissy says, "she loves the idea that a disarded piece of fabric or an article of clothing can have new life breathed into it by changing its use.  All my bags are 'one-offs' and therefore unique. So go to: and check out Chrissy's beautiful creations under Textiles.

Friday, 14 January 2011

New Artist

As promised a new artist a week and this week we are pleased to welcome Jo Sweeting to our illustrious group of craftworkers. Jo trained at Leeds in Fine Art with Sculpture as her discipline. When she completed her degree she went on to study Stonecarving and Lettercarving at the Skeltons Workshop in Ditchling. She now works from her studio in Brighton. Check out her beautiful handcarved alphabet initials on lime or sandstone and her Peace, Joy and Love pebbles handcarved in upper and lower case. A truly brilliant gift for someone special.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Ceramic Artist - Stacey Manser-Knight

Happy New Year.

I set myself the task of recruiting one new artist to my online gallery: and the artist this week is Stacey Manser-Knight. Stacey is a ceramic artist living in Brighton. Stacey's inspiration for her work comes from living by the sea and the rolling countryside of the Sussex Downs. Check out her beautiful dishes which have multi uses such as a salt dish for the dinning table, a ring or earring dish and many other uses besides.The amount of work Stacey puts in to make her ceramics is astonishing. Firstly she throws the red earthenware clay onto a potters wheel and when they have dried to a certain level she coats one side with a white liquid clay slip which has to dry and the process repeated again. This gives Stacey a thin surface to allow her to draw through. Little sculpted items are then added, a thicker clay preparation is piped on to form the raised flowers, toadstalls, birds, etc., and then the pieces are illustrated. The dishes are then fully dried out so they can be fired for the first time. Now she has a strong dry surface she can add colour to the illustrations and cover the whole items with a clear glaze. The ceramics are now fired for a second time. Next, little gold highlights and rims are added in real gold lustre, also 'on-glaze' highlights and details. Finally, they are fired for the third and last time. So you can see each piece is unique. They would make a great present or a beautiful additon to your own home.