Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New Textile Artist on Cherry Picked For You This Week is Charlotte Macey

We are so excited that Charlotte Macey's beautiful linen homewares are now available on our website:

Charlotte makes gorgeous tea cosies:

beautiful coffee cosies

and darling egg cosies

and lets not forget the cushions

All lovingly handmade in her Cotswold studio.

Watch out for our next blog as we will be posting details of our Open House. We are going to be on the West Hove Trail in the Brighton Festival and our house will be open to the public between 11am - 5 pm on each weekend starting 7th May and throughout the month where you will be able to see all the gorgeous products from Cherry Picked For You!

Best wishes, Nina

Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Textile Artist this week - Tracy Evans

We are so delighted that Tracy Evans has joined our illustrious group of artists. Tracy is a textile designer and maker who uses traditional hand weaving techniques to create high quality hand crafted products from a mix of natural fibres such as lambswool, silk and cotton. The purse below is hand woven using a honeycomb structure which gives the small squares a three dimensional appearance. It has a zip fastening and is lined with plain navy blue silk.

This beautiful handwoven purse is a bargain for £12 with free postage!

Each piece is individually crafted and made in limited numbers appealing to a contemporary market looking for something a little different to what you can buy on the high street. Tracy is inspired by her seaside surroundings. The sand rippled stripes in the cushion below are caused by shrinkage of the wool during the laundering process which creates a felting effect.

Weave structures combined with a clever use of yarn proportioning and finishing processes create pieces which are tactile with a three dimensional quality. The corsage on the cushion is removable and can be worn on an outfit.

Tracy also makes beautiful hand woven journal and notebook covers that are easily removable so when the book is used a new one can be slipped in to its place.

Finally, in her spare time, Tracy likes to do a bit of ceramic work. She makes these attractive porcelain buttons. Each one is hand cut, hand glazed and fired.

There are many more to choose from on cherrypickedforyou  as Tracy's buttons come in sets of three and individual designs.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Two New Artists Join Our Website This Week! Ken Eardley and Cath Ball.

Ken Eardley's range of fun but functional Jugs
Two Ceramic Artists have joined our illustrious group of artists this week. Coincidently, both of them worked with textiles before coming to ceramics. 

Ken Eardley now creates a fun and graphic range of functional ceramics for kitchens and interiors.  His pieces are handmade glazed earthenware which are fired three times and are made using press moulds. Leaves, Birds, Flowers, Fruit are his trademark designs which are distinctly recognisable. Because Ken's work is so popular, customers have to wait one to two months for an order. But here at Cherry Picked For You, we are going to stock some of Ken's gorgeous products so we will be able to dispatch them immediately. Although, there will be some items that you will have to wait for as we cannot stock everything as Ken's range is very extensive and every design is made in nine different colours, namely: aqua, baby blue, chococlate brown, green, lime green, orange, pink, red, turquoise, white and yellow.

Cath Ball is a young British designer-maker. She graduated from Cumbria Institute of Arts with a BA Hons in Contemporary Applied Arts and now works from her own studio at home.  Each of Cath's pieces is handcrafted using fine white Porcelain clay which is fired to 1260 degrees. She draws inspiration from the texture of fabrics such as lace and combines this with simple forms and colours. The main colours she uses are inspired by the sand and the sea.

Cath Ball's Porcelain Mug with textured lace design

We are so excited to have both these Ceramicists on CPFY. We now have a total of TEN Ceramic Artists on our website. So this is definitely the place to shop if you are looking for that  unique gift for the special person in your life or as a treat for yourself and your home.

Have a great weekend. The sun is shinning and it looks set to be a good one. Living a couple of hundred yards from the sea we shall spend Sunday watching the runners in the Brighton Marathon run along the seafront.

Best wishes, Nina

Friday, 1 April 2011

New Artist this week - Halinka Fraser

We are so excited about our New Artist who joined us this week. Halinka Fraser is well known as Halinka's Fairies. She designs and makes the most eye-catching couples imaginable. She has many fairies and little characters in her collection and now she has designed and made us our own exclusive fairy couples. All Halinka's fairies and characters are sold as couples. The Cherry Orchard couple have berets in red with a green stalk emerging from the top just like cherries. What could be more appropriate for Cherry Picked For You!

The male of this couple is a lucky man. He has the choice of two attractive ladies, wearing different attire.

So you can choose to buy Cherry Orchard couple 1 or Cherry Orchard couple 2. Halinka didn't stop there. She then went on to design and make us our own Cherry Blossom Fairy Couple. Their attire of lime green and white is fresh and Spring like, just like cherry blossoms, waiting to be plucked and sent to you.

And finally, Halinka is known for her rabbit collection. These are sold individually and Halinka has designed and made us three rabbits, a white, brown or green rabbit.  All three rabbits are wearing a cherry red jacket.

Aren't they just adorable! We are delighted with these designs and any of you discerning people who already collect Halinka's fairies and rabbits will want to add these to your collection. And the good news is one of these rabbits can be bought for a mere £15. All that work and care and attention to detail, all individually handmade and lovingly sent to you for such a small sum of money. They would make great Easter bunnies which could hang from twigs or put on a wall somewhere in your home. They make great gifts too.

Have a great weekend.