Wednesday, 25 May 2011

New Jewellery Artist ths week is Kirstin Moore

We are excited to have Jewellery Artist Kirstin Moore join us. Kirstin makes the most exquisite Freshwater Pearl Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets. She then adds garnets and black onyx to make really striking pieces of jewellery that you will want to wear or give as a present for the special person in your life.

Freshwater Pearl and Garnet Necklace £39.95  
Each of Kirstin's pieces of jewellery on are from The Regency Collection. This collection is inspired by the jewellery of the regency period using beautiful freshwater pearls, which were fashionable at the time, and complimenting them with semi-precious stones to add an extra dimension. Each piece is hand strung onto sterling silver wire adding a modern twist to the pieces.

Freshwater Pearl and Garnet Bracelet £24.95
This classy 8 inch bracelet is made of 6mm Grade AA freshwater pearls and 4mm round garnet beads. The silver wire setting on this bracelet accentuates the depth of colour of the garnet beads and beautifully reflects the warmth of the freshwater pearls.  A cluster drop emphasised by a stunning single coin pearl enhances the piece perfectly.

Freshwater Pearl and Garnet Earrings £17.95
These gorgeous cluster drop earrings combining beautiful 6mm Grade AA creamy white Freshwater Pearls with rich 4mm red garnets strung on silver wire match the bracelet and necklace and make a wonderful set of jewellery. Each piece can be worn separately but together they make a stunning collection.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Artists' Open Houses in Brighton and Hove and Fairy Sales Have Gone Through the Roof!

It is Monday afternoon as I write this and still I am feeling exhilarated. We have just completed our third weekend where we opened our house to the public as part of the May Festival. Most of the beautiful products on our website were displayed and the feedback from the people who came through our door was just brilliant. Running a website can be a little isolating as I'm not sure how our customers view the collection but hearing them praise it's coherence and tell us how inspiring it all is, coupled with the comments people left in our Visitor's Book is just overwhelming.

Every one loved the fairies, both Betty Bib's and Halinka's. Remember Halinka has designed us our very own fairies with cherry berets with green stalks,befitting to our name:

Our very own Cherry Orchard Fairy Couple

The Male Fairy has a choice of Lady in different attire - lucky!   
Halinka is also well known for her rabbits and, of course, she had to design us the most adorable rabbits with cherry red jackets.

Betty Bib has also designed us our very own fairies. Betty Bib (aka Lesley Buckingham) is a renowned Fairy Artist, having written three best selling books on fairies which she not only wrote but illustrated too. These Sparkly Fairies can only be purchased from us:

Betty Bib's Boxed Fairies - each with her own special name in a scroll in the lid
Fairy sales during the Artists' Open House weekends have been very high. The biggest seller being the Betty Bib Fairy in a box that has her own secret name in a scroll in the lid which can only be discovered when she becomes yours! With so many fairies to choose from their was a frenzy of purchases but not before much deliberation as each fairy is unique.

We have one more weekend, which starts next Saturday, 28th May and goes through to Sunday 29th May. So come and visit us at 52 Carlisle Road, Hove, East Sussex between 11 am to  5 pm on either day and you will be guaranteed to see a fabulous collection of textiles, ceramics, wood, glass, jewellery,  and felt.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Artist on Cherry Picked For You This Week is Jools Yasities

We are very excited to have Jools Yasities join our illustrious group of artists this week. Jools makes exquisite handmade books with gorgeous textile or leather covers. These books take several hours to make, and sometimes even days, as so much love and devotion goes into making each one.

Tall Leather Hand Bound Book £23.99
This is an elegant, tactile book incorporating 10 signatures of 16 pages each, making 160 pages in total, in plain white, unlined paper of 90gsm. A feature seam decorates the front cover, oversewn with black thread on this butter soft leather. Coptic stitching adds to that extra special handmade charm, and ensures the pages lay comfortably flat when working. The inner cover sports a complimentary multi-striped heavyweight paper. This book is the perfect size and weight to travel with and write or draw in style. It would make a wonderful present for the special person in your life or a daily treat for yourself as it makes a great diary.

Large Abstract Flower Hand Bound Journal £18.50

This Journal cover is inspired by umbel flower forms in nature, the covers are unbleached cotton, the back being plain and the front a riot of gorgeous grey, washy watercolour effect flower shapes. Consisting of 12 hand stitched signatures of 16 plain, unlined pages, 192 pages in total. The paper is 90gsm, which is sutiable for ink and dry media.

Small Leather Hand Bound Book £20
This is a very soft and supple grained leather.  Four eyelets on each cover are threaded with thick suede thonging that can be wrapped round the book or tied to keep it closed securely. Coptic stitching ensures that the pages will lay flat when open.  Consisting of 10 signatures of 12 plain, unlined pages, 120 pages in total. The paper is 90gsm and suitable for ink or dry media.