Friday, 1 April 2011

New Artist this week - Halinka Fraser

We are so excited about our New Artist who joined us this week. Halinka Fraser is well known as Halinka's Fairies. She designs and makes the most eye-catching couples imaginable. She has many fairies and little characters in her collection and now she has designed and made us our own exclusive fairy couples. All Halinka's fairies and characters are sold as couples. The Cherry Orchard couple have berets in red with a green stalk emerging from the top just like cherries. What could be more appropriate for Cherry Picked For You!

The male of this couple is a lucky man. He has the choice of two attractive ladies, wearing different attire.

So you can choose to buy Cherry Orchard couple 1 or Cherry Orchard couple 2. Halinka didn't stop there. She then went on to design and make us our own Cherry Blossom Fairy Couple. Their attire of lime green and white is fresh and Spring like, just like cherry blossoms, waiting to be plucked and sent to you.

And finally, Halinka is known for her rabbit collection. These are sold individually and Halinka has designed and made us three rabbits, a white, brown or green rabbit.  All three rabbits are wearing a cherry red jacket.

Aren't they just adorable! We are delighted with these designs and any of you discerning people who already collect Halinka's fairies and rabbits will want to add these to your collection. And the good news is one of these rabbits can be bought for a mere £15. All that work and care and attention to detail, all individually handmade and lovingly sent to you for such a small sum of money. They would make great Easter bunnies which could hang from twigs or put on a wall somewhere in your home. They make great gifts too.

Have a great weekend.

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