Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Artists to join our website this week is Lara Aldridge Glass

Lara Aldridge Glass is a design partnership of Lara and Jon Oakley. Starting business in 1994 after finishing their studies, they are now located in a new larger studio space in central Brighton. Lara Aldridge Glass specialise in kilnformed glass and metal, their work is instantly recognizable due to the processes involved to produce every piece.

Beautiful wall panel 

Each piece is handmade by themselves, using a combination of metals in the form of sheet, rod, wire and powder which is assembled onto a single piece of glass creating a metal collage, having been originally inspired by Gustv Klimt whose work is also produced using the collaging process.  This process can take a number of days to assemble the finished designs. The final step is for another piece of glass to be added on top of the collage and the whole assembly being fired in the kiln. The kiln fires up to 1000 degrees centrigrade, and dependant on the scale of the piece being fired can be in the kiln for 7 days.

Another beautiful wall panel
These beautiful wall hanging are only some of the products produced by Lara Aldridge Glass.  On our website: you will find sets of glass coasters and beautiful bowls and dishes. So relax with a nice cup of tea and browse their collection.
Beautiful Glass Bowl

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