Thursday, 17 March 2011

New Artist this week - Anna Perring of Luna Lighting

This House Design would make a wonderful Housewarming Gift.


Anna Perring of Luna Lighting produces stunning porcelain tea lights in many gorgeous designs. Check out her work under Ceramics and then Tea Lights.

These adorable Ivory White Hand Thrown Porcelain Tea Lights have been delicately pierced to produce interesting designs. There are ten designs in total, above is the Flower design and  Birthday Cake and House designs. The latter two would make a lovely birthday gift and housewarming gift respectively. You will also find Single and Double Heart designs, Rubber Duck - great for when you are having a long soak in the bath,  Butterfly and Dragonfly designs, Moon and Star and Full Star designs. Each tea light is clear glazed and high fired to 1260 degrees centrigrade so that the porcelain becomes translucent when lit from within.

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